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surrounded buildings from cambridge to watertown. abc 7 news is live in watertown massachusetts now following developments on what is a wild and frightening day. >> things just changes here about three minutes ago. take a look behind me. just as people were coming into the streets officers are back on the streets because we started hearing popping n re couple blocksay. it went on en police sttestreaming in, speeding in over to the area where we heard f you're looking now it's kind of around the corner to the right. now police are making sure everybody stays clear, they've pushed us back again. as they go and investigate what happened over there but it's just been a tremendous day of developments. that shelter in place, then the governor lifting that and people streaming into the streets of watertown happy they can get back to their lives though that suspect wasone
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hear that gunfire. let's take a look at what we saw earlier today. authorities say the two suspects jahar and tamerlan tsarnaev are brothers of chechen ethnicity. the older brother has been shot and killed but the younger brother, jahar is on the run from police. police say the 19-year-old is armed with explosives. watertown massachusetts and other surrounding areas in boston are on lock down. s.w.a.t. teams and police going door to door looking for remaining suspect. >> we have several other new leads just developing and we're working on that. >> the fbi leased more pictures of the alleged trift along with a new wanted poster. >> they can wait him out in a way. he's going show himself at some point. they'll see him if he tries to move. i think that is the hope. >> thursday night a surveillance camera captures this image matching the man
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identified just hours before as suspect two. later police say the brothers ambushed a campus police officer and m.ti, killing and after car jacking a mercedes suv. the uncle says he hasn't been in touch with nephews for years but urged his sur are vifing nephew to surrender. >> jahar if you're alive turn yourself in and ask for forgiveness. >> the suspect's aunt called the fbi when she saw the re innocent.television, us spishus it was staged. >> during the search authorities did find t additional explosive devices, however, they did blow one up. they did not need to do that. turns out they did not need to do that. just about six, or seven minutes ago we started to hear
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popping noises, plume b by -- plume bli gunfire, if you take a look there has been a gap between media and police have been streaming in and out. as soon as they lift that had shelter in place people started streaming into the streets here getting back to live. now, as this is happening they're yelling at people to get out of the way and officers are streaming in. that gunfire was heard. where so that is theatest live here in watertown, abc 7 news. >> ama on a personal side what is it like being in the middle of this? i imagine it has to be fairly scary. >> you know, sit a little bit when you hear that gunfire if that is what that was. you don't know what to do. so you know all day we've been seeing tactical units and armored vehicles and it's really intense. you know? it's exciting but scary.
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and i think that is what brought people out despite order to stay inside of their homes. they should do that. some people came out and got a look because this doesn't happen every day. you don't see those helicopters that we sawing overhead.her h up, fbi, atf, everybody coming into the neighborhood where they live this is a virtual ghost town today so it's a rush but not necessarily for a good reason, if that makes sense. >> yes. of course, certainly. tell us a little bit more are about how -- it's been a ghost. >> they were. they were. if you take a look, you can see all of the businesses are closed. and it's been like that all day. you know? there is a a 7-year-old staying opele have en coming out
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but again, just people add a time, then, they'd take off but for the most part there wasn't much going on throughout the day except for officers coming in and out of the perimeter area so it is strange. the man says it's weird normally a lively and nice place but now there is nudge goinging on. >> ama, thank you so much. we're able to bring you reports using cell 7 technology. that is where we had a break up there. audio was gchl we stanted -- wanted to stay witness. >> ate lous to you get into the scene autos learning more about bombing suspects. younger brother 19-year-old jahar tsarnaev a university at dartmouth. classmates say he was in his dorm room after the bombings. >> he was $25,000
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scholarship and he was a all star wrestler at the college. his coach describes him as a dedicated kid, well liked. >> for his 26-year-old brother, tamerlan he was killed overnight. officials say he traveled to russia last year returning to the u.s. six whos later. >> the father told abc news tamerlan was married with a 3-year-old daughtereportedly posted a message saying i ed as good a single americ athletes. the older brother aspired to compete on the u.s. national team on the olympics. a you tube account had book marked videos on terrorism. >> the fathers of the two brothers suspected in the bombings believe his sons are innocent. tsarnaev spoke from russia through an interpretor
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and good evening across the. are in a special report because there have been shots fired in watertown, near boston. and we want to go straight to abc's linsey davis. she is there on the scene to tell you exactly what she heard, exactly what she is hearing from tl police around her right now. linsey? >> reporter: diane, we started a timeline, say, eight minutes ago, that's when i heard over the loudspeaker, "stop, don't move." we weren't sure that was someone th we weren't sure if someone that didn't want them there, then, people started milling around, coming outside of the homes and then, about five minutes afterward we heard this automatic gunfire. dozens of gunshots fired. people on the streets started cheering. the armored vehicle started making their way back into the
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vehicles, people sying get them. you can see police officers walking down the street. several officers do have guns on their backs but certainly before vehicle goings down are the armored vehicles so people were standing outside with their guns drawn moving fast. >> stand by we're going to play the sound of the gunshots as you heard them. everybody stand by, listen. so again they found distant to us. they sound unthreatening but it's different when you're closer are tt scene. give us a sense of how far you think you might be. >> from the shootout that happened overnight i would say this is maybe just two blocks
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if i had to guess as far as the sound we've been hearing. we're being kept at bay. police walked away from this periesmeter, once they started coming back to the streets everyone heard it. it caused people to start cheering and breaking out into applause. >> and we want to tell everybody at home, people had been walkingid e, polihave now r police operations in franklin street area in watertown require that residents be told to shelter in place so that is back in place. and i want to go to brian ross. brian? >> choppers moved in. it's back to the same, serious and overwhelming presence of law enforcement. and they're back now to the point where they think they have a sense of where he is.
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as they're are bringing in resources you can imagine u-turns and law enforcement front teams with word that. they have special s.w.a.t. teams responding they know how to deal with something like that. they know this is a cop killer, they don't want to be one of the cops kill sod they're going to go in with caution, heavy body armor and weapons. >> i want to go to peer thomas. you said there was a fear the suspect could be watching the media and fact they sent everybody into the street again makes you wonder the timing. was that a diversion? they didn't want him to know perhaps they spotted him? they were on him? >> that wouldo be that
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this was gainsmanship by law enforcement officials. they were so concerned he was monitoring them, they didn't want to give hints ofr operations so we have calls out in washington making -- may take time for information to flow back here but we're on the case and hope to have information shortly. >> and again richard clark, dick moving in this way people had been told to get back into the streets? >> it could be they think he's watching television, therefore they announced they're withdrawing their are units and this is in hopes perhaps he'd come out of the house, maybe that is what happened. >> and you'd said their chief hope was to capture him alive. hearing those shots does it
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cause concern? that is a lot of gunfire. >> our hope is to capture him alive so he can be interrogated. i'm sure his hope was to be a suicide like his brother. either way, however we're are going to find out a lot of information about him by going through his charge cards, phone records and finding out who he and his brother knew and how they got radicalized. that is the important we don't understand. how did they go from being nice kids in cambridge to killers and terrorists? >> nice kids, as we know, suspect still alive had said he loved being in america i want to go back to peer thomas, remind us what kind of ammunition guns they think he had on him? >> okay. diane, i'm on the phone with a soht nowryin get
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information they're are trying to get a sense of whether the suspect can be down. we don't yet know. it's a fluid situation. >> you stay on the phone with your source peer. i know you'll get back to me in just a moment. lindsay davis on the scene. a lot of flashing lights went by. >> a lot more cars as well as foot traffic. we've been hearing chatter on the police radios but can't make it out. that franklin street location where they're telling people to shelter in place we're told that is about a mile from here. there continues to be a flurry of activity maybe about three minutes ago. cars speeding into the perimeter but still, police officers telling folks to clear the way.
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pe people started coming out of their home media kiof started going into an area where they previously weren't able to go. there is an ambulance you can't see but you'll be able to see shortly. that is standing to the right. and appears to have to go to the perimeter. >> this is a decision here with police officer. you're going to see the ambulance. so... it appears it's going to continue to go into the direction of the police, it's shopping -- stopping of where police were speeding down the road. >> we're looking at officers now. some of them holding their
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guns. lindsay you've been there all day. you have seen how they acted and have seen how they looked and seen. did you see marked change when this police chatter took place? >> certainly. there is a helicopter circling again. it had become lax. people were just walking down the street into where the per rimeter had been set. we hadn't been seeing this tension probably since 1:00 or 2:00 this afternoon. >> i don't know if you can hear the helicopter overhead. >> not sure we can hear it.
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can you look at the scene? because you know about the operations give us a sense of what is probably going on? how many people are there and what are group that's would have gathered if they had closed in on him? >> this is a combined operation with fbi and local police. and as well as massachusetts state police and their s.w.a.t. team there. is a number of armed specialized troops in effect though they're police that have been in the neighborhood all day. they pulled out and now they're swarming back in. >> i want to go to brad garrett. brad, again, have you been there and have have seen these,
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tell us what you're observing. >> brian if you can hear me? i want to ask you the question. what did we know about what kind of explosive and guns this young man might have had on him as they're moving in? >> they know or believe he had a assault weapon. a wild chase he and his brother throwing explosives out of the car at the police cars pursuing him including another pressure cooker bomb that detonate add cording to police. the same bomb used to kill and maim at the boston marathon. they had one more they threw out of the car. office yefrz were not hurt seriously in that but it did provide a huge explosion. they searched the car after he
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ditched it they did not find an assault rifle. he may not have any other explosives though. >> i want to bring in rena bass kin. what did you hear and see? >> oh, s.w.a.t. teams coming in. people running in black uniform was guns, police cars going past and lining streets. and so i can't see what is going on but i'm in the second floor window looking out. i can see there are no police cars there. how loud did it sound to you? >> i've been inside with windows closed so not terribly loud where i am.
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>> tell me about you and your family. just in personal terms what sit to be in your house in the middle of this? >> this is nerve wracking. he had not been able to get back into the house. they won't, you know he didn't want to run across the yard.on e together he's very, very scared. he's been on the floor we've been on the floor, bed laying low i doesn't want me to leave him so i'm here. it's been nerve wracking. to say the least. >> we know unimaginable. is he asking questions? what are you saying to him? your son? >> um only thing i can think of to say is that we're safe. there are people handling this situation. are doing the best ty
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can. they're not after us. they're after someone else who did something wrong and they'll take care of . >>e you in? are you afraid to go near the windows? >> i am. i'm at the window of the second floor looking out. and i can see one police car. there are people on the streets. they don't look like police people. i can't tell, but maybe they are. >> you do seem remarkably calm as we look, too, rena. >> the real fray is kinld of past at this point from whatem ?
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>> py three,or four. you know? probably four or five houses up from me. you can see a huge group of people. >> and brad i was saying you've seen these operations so often. what are you detecting we might not see? >> if you're going to do a dynamic entry into a house you've got to know -- if a s.w.a.t. team entered a residence my guess is that they had a comfort level that he did not. you know? he may have assault weapons but s.w.a.t. teams are used to dealing with those.
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>> you keep imagining what was his plan? did he try to run? flee? did they move in? >> well, it's hard to say he could have been -- it could have been a standoff. of what we know, i think you this one is the follower. he might have said i can't take this anymore. and perhaps went running. that was a surprise to me. >> yes. we heard the older brother was the extro vert and seemed to have more dominance but again these were all just fragments of the reports we're getting aum day long. and the is a statement from the family of his older brother. the wife, her family saying they cannot begin to comprehend how this horrible tragedy occurred but i wanted to ask you something, at one level this seemed well planned and there didn't seem to be an exit plan.
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their faces visible. they had to know there was video. >> perhaps, one of the problems people if they've not talked to them before they miss things like that. like surveillance cameras so... they were so focused as video, sorry as surdz cameras tell us focused moving and not thinking about anything else. and it just tells me that they did have a level of proficiency. you're not talking about two guys that have done this before. >> okay. i just want to check in now with lindsay davis. i know there is police chatter around you. we're watching these remarkably calm police
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officers trying to figure out what they know that we do not at this moment. right i've been trying to i apaicular are see it makes large circles here, other thing is that that ambulance is close to where we are. into left and right you can see dozens of people who are just out on the streets again, they'd just been told only minutes earlier it's -- they were able to come out on the streets and to remain vigilant. they heard gunfire and said go, get them. we're cheering on armored vehicles. >> and we're looking at a team of atf officers now.
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as we continue to watch these pictures go to jonathan carl at the white house where the president has been keeping as well its been a tense day and week. we've been told the president spoke with russian president putin. of course both of the brothers russian born. interesting thing about the readout of the call we've been given is that it says the president praised the close cooperation of the united states has received from russia on counter terrorism including in the wake of the boston attacks. oerords the russian government has been helping with this investigation of the brothers both of course born in russia. >> and again, we had heard earlier there might be some possibility this was from the mother two of the men that there had been possibility that they had been tracking at least the older brother at one
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point and then, stood down? >> i've got to tell you in terms of information coming out of the white house leaving this up to the fbi and officials on the grountd here we've been wondering are we going to hear from the president on this? and guidance has been they don't want to get out in front of the investigators unless while this is an active, live manhunt that. ininformg out of the white house. >> and the father of the suspects, he had not indicated to you that he felt his son had been a suspect before? >> no. we'd been talking about jahar he was saying he won't hurt a fly. he had never known or been trained in weaponry. he wasn't a vicious boy. he was quiet and studying and didn't have many friends but spent time focusing on his studies lived a majority of his life here in the us you
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but you have to wonder the father must be on edge tonight. this afternoon you remember he called me to ask me for latest details so not sure what he's aware of overseas in russia. i do knows morninghe gave me jahar's cell phone number a number he claims was jahar's cell phone number we've been trying to call as well, we couldn't get through. >> again, 19 years old. college student. and it is unknown what happened with him but we're here watching and martha is watching with us, martha? >> one of the things peirre brought up is darkness, the sun is setting there soon. they want to get whatever it is taken care of before dark because that would give the suspect an vachblgt i suspect those national guardsmen and some law enforcement there
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probably have night vision googles. helicopter that's are circling overhead the helicopters are probably looking down on that scene they would probably pull out night vision goggles about the sun goes down but whatever is happening now something with that many law enforcement officers and s.w.a.t. team going towards a particular area and getting those people off the streets something is happening there now. those helicopters don't want darkness to fall. the law enforcement officers don't before this happen autos agai we've talking aboute facthe was watching news media reports andhey didn't want anything, anything to signal him where they were. they've made a decision to let everybody know something is happening. >> it was boston police put that out saying shelter in
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place. they give specific street there for people to get out of the way. but i'm, i'm with brad garrett and dick clark. i think your theory this may have been a ruse to let his guard down may be true but we'll have to see how that happen autos let's dmek again with brian ross. see if he can hear us now. >> nothing official. lo of talk on the scanner, something is happening there that involves weapons and pursuit but at this point there is nothing firm to report. but it is interesting and getting dark as you can see. the police continue to rome. they have announced they're going to pull out and maybe that was a ruse. i noticed just when it got -- the sunset two helicopters went up.
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they can't see you. >> this point i would say my count is probably 70 cars in the quadrant where they're doing the maximum search. they had g through 20 streets. they were are going to pull out and perhaps if he was paying attention to what is being said on radio and television he thought he had made it out and let down his guard. >> if it were a diversion tactic it's unusual for them to say to people you can go back out of the doors into the streets. so that is introducing doubt but again it's extraordinary. just 24 hours ago we found that surveillance tape. >> we had no idea who this person was.we didn't know thereo
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bombers as we sai yeerday. two were brothers. and then we learned one had been killed and the younger one was at large and had been in a gun battle. and it's been so fast moving and the other thing i think struck law enforcement is the realization that these two men pulled off a bombing of a marathon killed three, maimed so many. they didn't leave town. 19-year-old went to college classes the next day. which gives insight into what they're thinking and unbothered by killing so many people. >> not knowing that surveillance tape is about to be released. i want to go back to pierre
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thom qlas. >> senior officials said if they'd exchange of gunfire with the suspect that they would not rush in that they would proceed very carefully because of concern they may have planted ieds around whatever location he's in. part of what you're seeing now is that whatever dwelling you have located and they're targeting. they're going to proceed carefully to find out if the suspect had been hit. this is going take a bit of ti a l e officials saying this is going s g priority to protect law enforcement as they find out what is actually happening. >> these houses are close together in that neighborhood. there are stores and buildings very close together. they can't take a chance on that, either. >> absolutely. again this source said the key is that there is concern he
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may have planted ieds and no confir maigs it's definitely the suspect but there is concern about ieds and a belief that the gunfire was targeted at someone they considered a threat. >> if we can replay the tape at the moment our lindsay davis signale us she heard what appeared to be gunfire. she heard what appeared to be someone on a megaphone. we're going to listen to it once again. there it was. i'm in the asking to you speculate beyond what you're sure of but can you tell anything from that gunfire? >> i can't. i mean, the problem is that you don't know who is firing
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at whom. you don't know whether that might be the suspect firing at laurnlt or another way around. i can't tell anything from hearing those shots. as you said sounds further away than lindsay said sit and she's on the scene. she can hear it more closely than we can. but she said it's about two block as way. that is probably accurate just listening to that gunfire to my ear, too. it's closer than it probably sounds to the rest of the people out there. but frankly after hearing gunfire from last night anything sounds less than that because that was a violent volley of gunfire last night in that incredible fire fight with explosives as well. >> there was an exchange of gunfire. my source emphasizing they
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suspect it's the person they're looking for they're not clear it is him. they don't know who the exchange of gunfire was with. they're being honest about that and suspect it was suspect two. but they've got to proceed care ply to make sure they, you know, the situation is calm and under control and that the suspect is down that is why they're proceeding carefully. they want to make sure the suspect has been neutralized. before they get to that suspect they have to make sure there are no ira plant brd making entry. >> nobody is telling you anything about this dwelling? >> again that is information all they'll acknowledge is that exchange of gunfire, suspect targeted but don't
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know who gunfire exchange was with. they don't know until they get eye balls on a person neutralized. >> so you're saying exchange of gunfire, two different weapons being fired? >> they fired at someone. and now they need to know who it s until you can get eye balls on that person you don't know. >> let's go back to dick clark. moving in as carefully as pierre says they have to, how did they go do it? inch by inch? >> they may bring up a robot that the ordinance team has with a camera on it. it sounds like they shot at him. they don't know if he can
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ignite a bomb. i think the fear is who did they shoot? is he dead or wounded? if alive and has a bomb he can wipe up the police squad going up to check. owe so they may be waiting now. >> this robottrav into aldmeing could ito down intobase could it go up stairs? >> some can. and they can also use fiber optic cable. which can go through little holes in windows and doorways and can then snake like go down stairs. so that is probably what we're waiting for. >> we'd heard reports that you may have within wounded. >> that is right there. is a believe because of the
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heavy gunfire and a crazy race over the roads that there was a believe he gh have been injured in places they searched they said they found blood. they didn't have time to test the blood to see what came back to. but there was a kind of more of a hope they believed that that would slow him down. and that he had suffered injuries. >> again another report and i want everyone about how his brother died?. >> there is a report among other things as he attempted to leave he actually ran over his brother as part of fleeing according to my colleague who talked to authorities about that. >> we've been talking a night descending and night
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descending is being worry and perhaps an advantage for police if they move in with night vision goggles. i want to go back to lindsay davis there on the scene. how far are people able to see? >> i want to say the police department bomb squad arrived and they have parked just alongside here. lots of police on the road then maybe about five minutes ago another city bus we'd been seeing. full of police officers going in there is just one now that entered again. that ambulance still off to the side. we don't hear as much activity going on in police radios. there are people here, dozens ofntplinue
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there are a lot of residents on the street now that brought additional people into the area, we're believing where people have been told to shelter in place about a mile from where we are. >> we have on the found chuck tebow closer to the scene, house as way. if you can hear me, tell me what you saw, heard? >> about four houses up from where the shooting began. i just see police, everything. all kinds of chaos there. a lot of shootings. it's quiet now. i don't know what they're looking for. if they're trying to pick up the pieces down there on the road. i'm not sure. >> where were you when you heard this gunfire? did it seem to be twouns?
4:41 pm
or one gun? was it possible to tell? >> there is a lot of guns and gunfire. a lot. >> and tell me you do see robots there. are there many of them? >> i just saw one. across the street. i'm sure they made it by now. >> i can only imagine what this is for you to be this close to this scene. tell me about you and your family. >> me, my son. we heard gunfire and hit the floor. so that is just a lot going on. people everywhere. atf.
4:42 pm
s.w.a.t. teams are all over the place. helicopters up in the air. and... gunfire a good 10 seconds so a whole a lot of people shooting. >> number of people shooting you believe and how frighten have had you been all day? where were you when gunfire started?. >> in the living room looking out of the window. i've got a great view of everything. >> you say you hit the floor, how long before you got back up? >> about 10 seconds. i peeked out of the window. >> how old is your son? what were you saying? they're
4:43 pm
ready to rock and roll. >> that is a heart pounding moment. they start streaming down the street telling to you get back in? >> yes. yes. it was that quick. >> well, again. >> it's a little hectic to say
4:44 pm
the least. >> it's a brave understatement for what you experienced today. to you and your son our thanks for phoning in to us. check with us again if you s someth and can report in to us, please do, we're glad you're safe. >> very good, okay. i'm told our own carlos becher is on the phone. he has been listening to that gunfire we're trying to analyze. and carlos spent months in afghanistan. what do you hear? we know it's early. >> what i heard was automatic weapons fire. a sound i'd grown used to while in afghanistan. the period. time lasted about 10 seconds.
4:45 pm
and they sounded like rounds possibly coming from an assault rifle. we can't be clear. >> again, i've been asking if you can hear different kinds of guns firing. >> it sounded like the same sort of gun, bullet, same caliber, echoing makes it difficult to determine what kind of weapon and how they're being fired. but we, i do know waits a high rate of fire and by immediate presence, it was a serious matter and is a serious matter and is something police may have been an ending. >> thank you, carlos and chuck tebow just four houses down we no thephonva
4:46 pm
goodman an eye witness two doors down from it. what did you see? in that moment and tell us what you're seeing now, too. >> yes. how are you. so what happened i'm on 83 franken street two houses up. when the ban was lifted we t kind of consult a neighborhood and family friends on center street sch is parallel to franklin street. we saw a flooding of vehicles and there is they told us get in the house we took refuge in our friend's house. and as walking in we heard pop, pop, pop. sounded like thousands of guns going off. it leads me to believe something like what we saw at
4:47 pm
the marathon bombing, those pressure cookers and i cannot count how many s.w.a.t. teams, i mean not s.w.a.t. team,, you know armored vehicles with just helicopter as above. we're on the ground trying to stay away from windows now. >> yes. please do stay away from windows now. give me a sense that have house and again, i'm not, whoever lives there we're not suggesting that this was -- they were playing a role in this, give me a sense of what that house is like. >> basically it's two doors down. you know they've been neighbors forever i'm 23 years old now. and you know they've -- it's a couple they have a boat park in the back. in the backyard to keep rafts
4:48 pm
during the winter and apparently from what we've been seeing on television is that he's taken cover there. the first thing that came into my mind is that he was staying there and taking cover until night fall when he can escape but i just don't know what is going on. >> again, anyone hurt from them? are they all right? >> i believe they're all right and i believe they called in to give police the news that they did see blood c from the boat in theback is when think notified police officer autos they left the house right way. so there is no possibility, we pray and hope they were hostage at any point? >> i'm hoping so. i believe everybody on my street was evacuated.
4:49 pm
i'm looking out of the window now just peering over the couch. i can see hundreds of s.w.a.t., you know, members behind houses. they've gone inside of the houses and are looking out of windows now. they've got the block surrounded. >> again, this is stunning news if they saw blood in the boat behd th house. what kind of boat was it? covered boat? large boat? >> from what i know, it was a covered boat. it's large boat i want to say 24 footer and it was covered in shrink wrap. that is my understanding of what they have in the backyard. >> well, all of this is unfolding as you go out to walk your dog only to have police streak back in to tell
4:50 pm
to you get into the house was your house pounding? >> it was absolutely one of the scariest moments i've dealt w we're just getting over the fact. i was at the marathon monday half a mile when the bomb went off. get quarantined. then, the ban was lifted and they said just be cautious so within 20, 30 minutes did we decide to make a stupid move to go outside to walk the dog this, is what happened two houses down. unbelievable. >> again there is no sign at the time you went out of a high concentration of police at that house two doors away? >> there was not but there were cars at the top and bottom of the street. i want to say maybe two houses
4:51 pm
further down from the house being zoned off right now. we saw a flood of teams. we're getting inside of the house, stay down. stay away from windows. >> evan, if you will please stay in touch with us. call back in and let us know what's happening. >> i will do that. >> and i want to go back to lindsay davis. she's right there on the street surrounded by the police. in watertown. lindsay? >>oued li we just heard a noise. two what sounded like shots fired pop, pop. hard to tell thouf is happening. but a number of people out here just as they were last ti it's about 6:53 before we
4:52 pm
heard the last gunfire. a number of people were out walking dogs. is this moment people were feeling they didn't have to shelter in place. and now, this point we just heard that gunfire police here didn't respond. you can see right in front of me this huddle of police ofce ag state ton police ahead. no one particularly reacting at this point. >> hearing he was just walking his dog brianna saying how lucky he is no one was hurt. >> right imagine staying home all day get the all clear you go outside to walk the dog and hear shots. it makes me think back to what
4:53 pm
jahar's father said about him, as far as he knew he never hand yeld a weapon before or experienced military training to have a city on lock down now because of this. you have to wonder about the timing. his father said jahar was just planning to ruiathat jusse? to his father? did he purchase a plane ticket? how far along ago did they start planning that bomb on monday? >> i can hear pierre. he's on the phone again. you're getting insight into how diligently he works on a day like today. back to you for jo. are you surprised by these events? people going out on the streets walking their dogs? having to dive to hit the floor? >> sounds like police have the
4:54 pm
both ends of the street it sounds likeus police said it was going to b clear t franklin street was blocked on woj both enldz. people were told to go back in. it could be that the people who own the house with the boat saw the blood police moved in quietly then, s.w.a.t. teams moved n have you to look at the time line but it does seem like there is an element of a ruse or stealth on the part of the police is which is what we look for them to do. this is what they are trained to do. >> we do not know that we do
4:55 pm
not know that. and we know they've been working there is a report three individuals were taken into custody by the fbi this afternoon. in qex a man they were not arrested they were college aged individuals taken in for questioning. fbi web site was overwhelmed after asking everybody to help and web 3,000its per minute peo thinking they'd seen something, wanted to say something. >> incredible situation unfolding. they believe it's the suspect. it is not officially confirmed yet. one official was describing to me on background that after
4:56 pm
the exchange of gunfire the suspect was not moving but then, moved so law enforcement became cautious again. and that this looks like a real thing this will get resolve ntd not too stt future. >> the hope they can have him in terrogatehim appears to haveanished. >> n looking good. t is believing -- they think this is suspect two but soon this situation is going to be resolved. my sources after -- are indicating slaurmt not golg move in closer until they feel the suspect has been neutralized. >> again we'd heard there are robots coming we have an eye witness saying there is a robot there. again, pierre we've been
4:57 pm
hearing he might have been injured before. this account, and we want to stress again we're getting this information with you at home. but this account that possibly the couple lived in that house saw blood in the boat and n.the back of the yard suggests he had been in there and had been injuredl earier? t' uaon h may have been hiding on the boat. this is about in cases public people coming forward to help law enforcement. and people telling me at the end of the day with technology with all of the man power it ends up being the public helping them solve case autos well, again we have 300,000 reports of people trying to do their jobs as the public. and one of the things probably on those helicopters thosesssetd
4:58 pm
helicopters is imaging giving helicopters equipment for some to basically seek heat and human beings and heat there. if they thought the suspect was in a boat one helicopter could look and see if there is a human body in there. if someone is radiating heat z they could probably look in unusual areas you've got people in-house that's are radiating heat f there is someone in a boat where you won't expect someone to be they can see most models of the helicopters would have termal imaging on board those
4:59 pm
helicopters. we're going to see, i think we've heard everybody talking about the robots. i've seen these robots that work in real situations in iraq. there was an ied that they send in robots with cameras on them. there will be a truck way back that can see what that little robot is seeing if they say it looks sus spishus they'll put an explosive in the arms of the robot. the robot will drop the explosive they'll blow up the device. so that will take time. but with those cameras they can see whatever that robot sees and they're not in any danger when that is happening. >> i want to ask again if we
5:00 pm
have new sound of the gunshots whatever they are. we want to listen again and martha tell me what you think when you heard this. >> there is some reaction there. response ton the streets there. did you hear? i didn't. it's hard to tell what that was. first i thought it sounded like a very healthy

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